Copper and Copper Alloys Characteristics

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Certified OFHC* (CDA 10100)
The most important characteristic of oxygen-free high-conductivity copper is that it can be heat treated in a reducing atmosphere without embrittlement. Certified OFHC at 99.99% minimum purity displays the inherent qualities of copper to the highest degree. Available in round, square, rectangular, and ribbon; bare, insulated, plated;single end, twisted, and parallel bonded.

OFHC* Copper (CDA 10200)
OFHC copper is produced by converting cathodes under very controlled conditions, thereby nearly eliminating all other elements. Where electrolytic copper has purity of 99.0%, OFHC copper has a minimum purity of 99.95%. (Silver is counted as copper.)

ETP Copper (CDA 11000)
Electrolytic Tough Pitch copper is the most widely-used copper for electronic products based on its optimum combination of workability, performance, and economy. For those manufacturing applications in which the presence of from 0.02% to 0.05% oxygen is not critical, ETP copper is specified for most intermediate and end users.

Beryllium Copper (CDA 17200)
This alloy is characterized by high strength and good electrical and thermal conductivity. CDA alloy 172 provides tensile strengths of over 200,000 psi, the highest of any copper-based alloy. It can be readily formed from any several available mill tempers. Its excellent resistance to wear and corrosion together with high endurance and elastic strength, provide unequalled performance characteristics for applications such as current-carrying springs, diaphragms, switch blades, contacts, connectors, terminals, fuse clips, and bellows.

Cartridge Brass (CDA 26000)
This is the most widely-used copper alloy for cold-headed products such as machine, wood and cap screws, special hollow rivets and fasteners with exceptionally large or intricately-formed heads. This alloy, when work-hardened, is used for spring applications where cost is an important factor and operating conditions require slight flexing of the metal.

Phosphor Bronze (CDA 51000) -
The most widely-used copper based alloy for almost every type of spring, because of its high strength, resilience, excellent corrosion and fatigue resistance. Combined with good conductivity, the alloy is used for all types of electrical devices - switches, relays, instruments, etc.

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