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Consistent product quality is an essential requirement for our users. MWS mailtains on of the most comprehensive testing facilities in the specialty wire industry, capable of testing per NEMA MW 1000 for insulated copper and aluminum magnet wire.

MWS is a qualified UL producer to OBWM2 - Magnet wire component - File E211068.

MWS is an ISO 9001:2000 registered company.

Testing capabilities include:

Dimensional Analysis

Contact and non-contact laser micrometer analysis, and cross-section optical measurements for concentricity, thickness, and corner radius measurements.

Mechanical Properties

Stress/strain analysis, tensile, yield, break strength values.

Electrical Properties

DC resistance, dielectric strength, capacitance, impedance, continuity of insulation, completeness of insulation cure, and TCR (temperature coefficient of resistance) measurements.

Thermal Properties

Thermoplastic flow, heat shock, insulation adherence, thermal endurance and solderability of insulations per NEMA MW 1000.

Material Analysis

Base metal chemical analysis accurate to 1 ppm. Insulated material analysis performed using infrared spectroanalysis.

Special Testing

To customer specification, custom built test equipment for unique applications.

The Olympus Stereo Microscope, together with the Boeckeler Measurement and Sony Imaging System can take cross-sectional measurements as small as 3 microns. Measuments include X-axis / Y-axis measurements as well as corner radius. Verification can then be sent to our customers by either a printed color photograph or digital image sent via e-mail.

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Photo of 47 AWG gold-plated OFHC copper insulated with heavy-build polyurethane nylon enamel as taken with photographic attachment to microscope at 400X actual size.

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The Associated Research Model 7550DT Hi-pot / Dielectric tester has a testing range of 0 to 5,000 volts AC and 6,000 volts DC. The Hipotronics Model M 120 TT dielectric tester has a range of 20,000 volts AC.

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This Techne temperature controlled bath provides MWS the capability to perform temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) measurements for a variety of specialty metals and alloys. Precise resistance values can be obtained between -0°C and 100°C.

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The Satec Model T1000, incorporated with Satec's "Partner" software, provides precise values for the physical and mechanical properties of metals. Specific tensile strength, break load (from 2 grams to 1,000 pounds), yield strength, elongation and bond strength data is obtained on a wide range of bare and insulated wire and ribbon. Reports can be generated and sent to our customers for test value verification.

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