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MWS produces custom round, Square, rectangular, ribbon, Multifilar®, Twistite™ and Microsquare™ wires in a well equipped, fully permitted manufacturing facility. Products offered include film insulated wire conforming to NEMA MW 1000 and IEC 60317 in temperature classes 105°C to 240°C, from single through quadruple film builds. Low minimums, quick deliveries and top quality are our standards.

The MAG VE-6 vertical oven enamel coats round, square and rectangular wire and is suitable for both small quantity and high production runs.

In-line drawing machines can be utilized on any enameling oven, enabling production efficiencies as well as excellent bare wire quality.

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Continuous in-line diameter measurement provides effective quality assurance on high speed enameling lines. The data can be converted into reports that record the minimum, maximum and average dimensions, and the process capability for a given production run.

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This specially designed machine draws precious metals to ultra-fine sizes in standard and custom sizes and tempers.

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MWS enamels a wide range of ultra-fine (46-60 AWG) conductor materials for high technology applications worldwide. Gold, silver, platinum and precious metal plated conductors, along with a host of specialty alloys, are among those items regularly produced.

Vertical enameling of rectangular copper and aluminum magnet wire in thicknesses as small as .005" and widths up to .500". Enamelling of special conductor materials or nonstandard film builds in short run quantities is possible.

Metering dies are used to apply smooth, concentric film coats to wires sizes AWG 30 and finer.

Twistite™ magnet wire, up to 50 twists per inch, is produced for numerous electronic applications, utilizing a wide range of conductor materials, insulations and colors.

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One or two layers of textile yarn can be continuously applied to Litz Wire on a computer-controlled, dual-head high speed serving machine.

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Reusch Model#154 Rolling mil provides state-of-the-art capabilities for production of tight tolerance flat conductors. Sizes range from .0005" thickness to 2" widths with tolerances as close as +.00015".

Heat treating. Complete facilities for multi-line strand annealing to achieve tempers ranging from full hard to dead soft. Surface finishes from oxidized to bright can be produced with a variety of of annealing atmospheres.