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MWS Wire Industries maintains one of the world's largest inventories of copper and specialty wire. From large copper transformer wire to ultra-fine insulated precious metals. Nowhere else will you find the variety of specialty wire items available for immediate delivery. This unique inventory plays a key role in making MWS' response times to customers needs the fastest and most reliable in the industry. Most items from stock can be processed for shipment worldwide on a same- or next-day basis.

MWS Wire Industries is the source for your most demanding wire requirements.

Consistent product quality is an essential requirement for our wire users. MWS maintains one of the most comprehensive wire testing facilities in the specialty wire industry, capable of complete testing per NEMA MW 1000 for insulated copper and aluminum magnet wire.
MWS is a qualified UL producer to OBWM2 - Magnet wire component - File #E211068.

MWS is an ISO 9002 registered company. With commercial and military standards and thousands of customer specifications on file, our Quality Assurance Department will be sure that all material meets the special needs of our customers.

MWS operates wire production facilities that include processing of round, square and rectangular wires in sizes as small as 55 AWG. Wire fabricating capabilities include wire drawing, square and rectangular wire shaping, flat ribbon rolling, wire twisting, serving and film insulating. Size range capabilities for round wire are 14 - 55 AWG, and square and rectangular wire smaller than 14 sq. or 3500 sq. mil cross-sectional area. Insulations offered range from 105 - 240°C per NEMA MW1000 and IEC 60317, and are available in single through quadruple builds. Production minimums are as small as 1000 ft, and lead times are the fastest in the industry.

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MWS Wire Industries has been an industry leader in the development of individual protective containers for magnet wire and specialty wires. these containers assure users that their wire will be deliveredin good condition, and also make stocking wire in customers' plants safer and easier to identify. Made of 100% biodegradable materials, these protective containers are environmentally friendly, as they help reduce the consumption of our precious resources.