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High Purity Aluminum

High purity aluminum wires and ribbons are produced in a broad range of sizes under tightly controlled purity refining standards. Aluminum 1199 (99.99% min. purity), as well as 99.999% and 99.9999% aluminum are widely used in specialty electronic and chemical applications. Applications include vacuum deposition of thin films and coatings used in the manufacturing of electronic devices, integrated circuits and optical products. Aluminum 1199 has excellent corrosion resistance, high thermal and electrical conductivity, low mechanical properties and good workability.

Aluminum Alloy 5056

Commonly referred to as Alclad 5056, this alloy possesses moderate to high strength, is non-heat-treatable and has good welding characteristics. Care must be taken when working above 66C to avoid stress corrosion. 5056 aluminum has good corrosion resistance in marine atmospheres largely due to its high purity aluminum outer cladding which usually measures 20% total thickness per side. Magnesium is the major alloying element. Applications include cable sheathing and wire screens.

Aluminum Alloy 6061

Alclad 6061 is one of the most versatile of the heat-treatable aluminum alloys. 6061 aluminum's combination of high strength, corrosion resistance and good formability make it attractive for use in a wide variety of mechanical applications. Silicon and magnesium are alloyed in approximate proportion forming magnesium silicide making 6061 heat-treatable. High purity aluminum cladding averages 5% of the thickness per side.

Properties of Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys

Alloy Chemical Composition (%) Ultimate Tensile Strength (psi) Electrical Conductivity IACS     ( 20C ) Electrical Resistivity (ohms/cmf) Density (lbs/cubic inch) Specific Gravity Coefficient of Thermal    Expansion  x 106   (20-100C) Approx. Melting Point ( 0C)
1100 .12 Cu,  99 Al min. 13,000 59 18 .098 2.71 23.6 645
1350 (EC) 99.5 Al min. 13,000 61.8 17 .098 2.7 23.8 648
1199 99.996 Al min. 6,800 64.9 15 .0975 2.7 23.6 660
5056 .12Mn, 5 Mg,   42,000 29 36 .095 2.64 24.1 605
.12 Cr, Al bal.
6061 .6 Si, .28 Cu, 17,000 47 22 .098 2.7 23.6 617
1 Mg, .2 Cr,
Al bal. 

Mechanical and electrical values based on "O" soft temper.
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