Handling and Storage

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Fine and Ultrafine Magnet Wires

Although copper and aluminum magnet wire have an unlimited shelf life, improper handling and storage can create serious quality problems. Wire should be handled by the spool flanges only. Direct contact with hands can contaminate the insulation and create electrical failures. Spools must be handled with the utmost care when near other spool flanges, tools, instruments, fingernails, and harmful chemicals. Dents on the surface of the wire can prevent the proper dereeling of the wire from the spool, and may cause the wire to break during use.

Fine and ultrafine magnet wire must be completely protected at all times. Store in a clean, dry location; avoid extremes of temperature and corrosive atmospheres. Keep the wire in covered containers to protect it from airborne dust and other contamination


Bare Metals and Plated Conductors

When handling bare and plated wires, dry, clean gloves should be worn. Chemicals from the skin can contaminate the surface of bare metals, especially copper, gold and silver. Along with providing safe, cool, and dry storage areas, the use of tarnish resistant wrappers around the wires' surface and plastic bags over the spools will enhance shelf life and surface quality of the metal. The use of moisture absorbing dessicant materials can help in high-humidity environments.
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